Shapleigh Island Lobster


Welcome to Shapleigh Island Lobster Company!

Shapleigh Island Lobster Company provides fresh, New Hampshire lobster at a fair price.

TO ORDER LOBSTERS: We sell our lobsters "off the boat" by appointment at our wharf in Portsmouth, NH. You can call or text 603.373.8436 to order or email us at If you call by noon, you can usually pick up the same day. We are fishing whenever the weather permits. We have a 25 count minimum for pick up.


Our lobsters are fresh-caught daily and not pulled out of the water until we sell them, guaranteeing a fresher – and better tasting – lobster than those you find in supermarkets. You will taste the difference!


For information about the different sizes and what soft shell and hard shell are, please click on the "Lobsters and Lobstering" link to the left.

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  Chix $5/lb

  Quarters $5.75/lb

  Halves: $6.50/lb

Hardshell $9/lb

Whelks $2/lb

Jonah Crabs $2/lb


We have a 25 count minimum order for pick up.